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Meridian Vibrational Therapy Forks

Meridian Vibrational Therapy Forks

These forks are specifically used in Meridian Vibrational Therapy, as outlined by Larry Pannell, in his new book, Meridian Vibrational Therapy. Most of the forks are contained in other sets, but we thought it would be convenient to list them here, all in one easy-to-find place.

50 Hz Nerve Fork - Good for calming overactive nerves, reducing both acute and chronic pain, and increasing bone density while mending broken bones.

50 Hz. Nerve Fork - Standard  $ 52.00   
50 Hz. Nerve Fork - Weighted  $ 59.00   

64 Hz Otto Tuner - This fork works on the deep tendon reflexes. It is especially good for stimulating the sacral ligaments. Since the tone is low and slow, it has a very relaxing quality that many people find comforting.

64 Hz Otto - Weighted  $ 46.00  

128 Hz Otto Tuner - Used to tonify acupuncture points, and to provide relief in bones and connective tissue. It has a positive polarity. It is often used in combination with the 136.1 fork, which has the counterpart negative polarity for sedating points.

128 Hz Otto - Weighted  $ 46.00  

136.1 Hz Fork - Also known as Middle Om, or Om 3 - This fork is used to sedate acupuncture points. It calms the spirit and relieves stress. It has a negative polarity, and is used in combination with the 128 Hz Fork, which has the opposite polarity.

Middle Om 3 - Unweighted - 136.1 Hz  $ 38.00   
Middle Om 3 - Weighted - 136.1 Hz  $ 48.00   

Activation of Qi Fork - Very good for activating and moving stuck qi or chi. It removes stagnation, creates circulation, and promotes healing.

Activation of Qi Fork - Unweighted - 172.71 Hz  $ 38.00   
Activation of Qi Fork - Weighted - 172.71 Hz  $ 48.00   

Dan Tien Fork - This fork relates to the 3 Dan Tiens, and is used to raise the energy of each center up the CV channel.

Dan Tien Fork - Unweighted - 300 Hz $ 38.00   
Dan Tien Fork - Weighted - 300 Hz  $ 48.00   

Blood Circulation Fork - Use for aches, pain, soreness, stiffness, sprains, strains. Especially helpful in removing inflammation in injured tissue, and relieving blood stasis that causes pain and swelling.

Blood Circulation Fork - Unweighted - 337 Hz  $ 38.00   
Blood Circulation Fork - Weighted - 337 Hz  $ 48.00   

Genesis Fork - Repairs damage in bones, muscles, and tendons. Frequently used in combination with the Blood Circulation Fork to relieve joint pain and swelling.

Genesis Fork Unweighted - $ 38.00   

Brain Tuner Set of 6 - Used to induce Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma Brain Waves

Brain Tuner Set STD w/ Activator  $ 155.00   
Brain Tuner Set WTD w/ Activator  $ 179.00  

Harmonic Set of 8 - Helps balance the chakras on the physical, mental and emotional level.

Harmonic Spectrum Set STD w/ Activator  $ 169.00   
Harmonic Spectrum Set WTD w/ Activator  $ 239.00   

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