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Individual WTD Tuning Fork - Over 60 Hz
Individual WTD Tuning Fork  - Over 60 Hz

Individual WTD Tuning Fork - Over 60 Hz

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If you would like to purchase a single weighted fork that is contained in a set, you may do so here. For example, you may want only the Weighted Liver fork from the Human Organ Set, without having to purchase the entire set. Add it to the cart here, and when you get to the Checkout Page there will be a special place to enter specific details for the exact fork that you want. Step 5 in the Checkout is where you can add your text.

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We normally do not put weights on forks over 512 Hz. As frequency increases, the length of the tines decreases. And when you add weights, the tines get even shorter. At some point the fork becomes so short that there is not much resonance. That number seems to be right around 512 Hz.

Individual and Custom Forks are made-to-order for you. Because the factory is dealing with a large number of orders at present time, pleased be advised there will be a delay of 6-12 weeks for any custom orders.

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Are you wanting a frequency that you don't see anywhere on the site? Let us know - we can make forks from 30 Hz to 8000 Hz!
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