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Triple Number Set w/Activator
Triple Number Set w/Activator

Triple Number Set w/Activator

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The Triple Number Set has 9 forks starting with a weighted 111 Hz, and continuing with standard forks in 222 Hz, 333 Hz, 444 Hz 555, Hz 666, Hz 777 Hz, 888 Hz, and 999 Hz. In Numerology, each single number has a meaning. Seeing them in triple adds reinforcement to the underlying message.

111 - represents The Beginning. New ideas are emerging.

222 - is a reminder to you that your thoughts become things.

333 - is the frequency for Joy. The Ascended Masters are showering you with Divine Love.

444 - You are completely surrounded by Angels and being guided.

555 - is a number of Opportunity. Change is coming soon.

666 - the frequency for pain, and also for what brings you back into balance.

777 - Good things are on the way.

888 - the number for Transformation. A life phase is ending.

999 - the frequency for Energy and transitioning to a new life phase.

The numbers 3, 6, 9 are also directly related to the pattern and form of both Energetic and Physical Creation. Each number represents a single stage. The 3 represents Unity & Perfection. The 6 is the double of the 3, and represents Duality and the beginning of Expansion. The number 9 is known as the Fingerprint of God, and is the climax of 3 times 3. It represents both the singular point and the whole. It is Everything and Nothing.

This order pattern of 3-6-9 is found in the Triple Numbers: 111 (3), 222 (6), 333 (9), 444 (12/3), 555 (15/6), 666 (18/9), 777 (21/3), 888 (24/6), 999 (27/9). This same progression and pattern is also found in the Solfeggio Mirrors.

All of our high quality tuning forks are Made in the USA. Each fork is triple tuned for accuracy of +/- .25% Hz. A small rubber activator and protective velvet pouch is included.

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