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Frosted Singing Bowls

99.99% Pure Quartz

Frosted Singing Bowls are very sturdy, thicker walled, and heavier than Clear Quartz Singing Bowls. They produce a much louder tone, and can create quite a large volume of vibrating sound that will fill a room. In general, the bigger the bowl, the louder the sound. And the bigger the bowl, the easier it is to play.

Frosted bowls are smooth on the inside, and rough on the outside. The tone has a shorter sustain than a Clear Bowl, but the added benefit is the vibrational dimension it imparts to the sound. You not only hear the sound, you feel it, too.

We will be adding individual bowls soon. For now, we offer Frosted Chakra Sets, in Perfect Pitch, tuned to A-432.

Clear Quartz Crystal Tuning Fork
We have just received a late shipment of new frosted bowls, padded cases, and full octave Chakra sets of 8.
Eventually, all bowls will be recorded and added to the site.
Until then... if you are looking for a specific size or note, give us a call at 520-260-3014.
We have bowls ranging from 9 to 16 inches.
432 Frosted Chakra Set of 7

432 Frosted Chakra Set of 7

Price: $1,899

432 Frosted Chakra Set of 7 - Perfect Pitch - Tuned to 432 Hz Scale

This 7-Bowl Frosted Chakra Set is tuned to the 432 Hz Scale. Each bowl is 99.9% Pure Quartz Crystal. Each note is in Perfect Pitch, resulting in a very harmonious scale. 

Frosted bowls are known for their strong, resonant sound, that will fill a large space. Use for meditation and sound healing. You can group just a few bowls together, such as a triad, or work with the entire set of 7. 

The sizes are graduated, so lower chakras are in the lower octave sounds. As size decreases, sound moves up into the next octave.

8 inch B note - Crown Chakra

9 inch A note - Third Eye Chakra

10 inch G note - Throat Chakra

11 inch F note - Heart Chakra

12 inch E note - Solar Plexus Chakra

13 inch D note - Sacral Chakra

14 inch-C note - Root Chakra

The set includes a rubber o-ring for each bowl, and 2 mallets.

432 Frosted Chakra Set of 7
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