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Ut Fork

Ut Fork

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The UT Fork vibrates at 396 Hz and is the abbreviated name for 'Ut Queant Laxis.' They are the opening words to a hymn written in honor of Saint John the Baptist. All of the Solfeggio Frequencies have special meanings and are able to open up a channel to the Divine. Ut relates to liberating guilt & fear. It is often combined when using the 528 Mi Fork.

All of our high quality tuning forks are Made in the USA. Each fork is triple tuned for accuracy of +/- .25% Hz. A protective velvet pouch is included.

Name Standard Angelic Body
From The Book of Numbers Original 6 1 Octave Higher 2 Octaves Lower
UT (ut queant laxis)
Liberating Guilt & Fear
396 Hz 792 Hz 66 Hz
RE (resonare fibris)
Facilitating Change & Support
417 Hz 834 Hz 69.5 Hz
MI (mira gestorum)
Transformation & Miracles
DNA Repair
528 Hz 1056 Hz 88 Hz
FA (famuli tuorum)
Connecting & Relationships
639 Hz 1278 Hz 106.5 Hz
SOL (solve polluti)
Awakening Intuition
741 Hz 1482 Hz 123.5 Hz
LA (labili reatum)
Returning to Spirit
852 Hz 1704 Hz 142 Hz
Missing 3 Frequencies
EA -
Security and Love
174 Hz 348 Hz 29 Hz
VI -
285 Hz 570 Hz 47.5 Hz
Communication with the Divine
963 Hz 1926 Hz 160.5 Hz

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