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Gamma Fork WTD
Gamma Fork WTD

Gamma Fork WTD

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The Weighted Gamma Fork is available individually to complete your existing Set of 5 Brain Tuners.

Gamma state, at about 40 Hz, is associated with peak mental and physical performance. Gamma waves can range from 30-100 Hz, and 40 Hz is considered the best frequency for increasing focus and slightly elevating I.Q. The gamma state can enable simultaneous processing from different areas of the brain, maximizing sensory perception. When gamma is high, it helps with vivid and rapid memory recall. Only a still mind can access this subtle state, which is associated with perceiving and understanding the Unity of Consciousness.

There is current research out by M.I.T. researcher, Prof. Li Huei Tsai. She is a neuroscientist who's research is focused on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. She has studied the effects of directing 40 Hz Gamma frequency to the brain. She determined that this helped return microglial cells back to normal function. It is well known that microglial are not true glial cells, but instead are leukocytes that are able to repair the brain in very specific ways. The job of the microglial cells is to discard damaged cells in the body. Under normal circumstances, a healthy cells knows when to die (known as aptosis.) Diseases can occur when damaged cells live on past their healthy state. This is one of the reasons why sleep is so important - it gives your body the needed time to 'take the trash out' at night.

All of our high quality tuning forks are Made in the USA. Each fork is triple tuned for accuracy of +/- .25% Hz. A protective velvet pouch is included.

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