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Crystal Singing Bowls and Feng Shui

Explore the Feng Shui Elements of Crystal Singing Bowls, and their uses in assisting the harmonious flow of chi in your living or working environment.

Crystal Singing Bowls are ideal for use in the home or office to clear negative energy and bring in positive chi. Crystals are widely used in Feng Shui cures. The noted author Karen Kingston, in her book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui notes that crystals "symbolically bring more positive life force into your home. Crystals focus, activate and lift energy."

We are very pleased to announce that all of our crystal bowls are endorsed by Feng Shui Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai for use in space clearing and other applications.

Since all of our crystal bowls are made with the purest quartz crystal available, they naturally contain the ability to energize, clear and enhance the energy in any environment.

Crystal Singing bowls can be seen to encompass both Yin and Yang energies, and also contain several of the qualities of the Five Elements. The bowls are rounded in a pleasing way, and as bowls, they are receptacles for Yin energy, but when they are played, their sound and vibrations can bring forth the energetic Yang forces that help cleanse and purify any space. They are made of crystal, which is traditionally seen as Earth energy, but through their color, appearance and use can also invoke Water or Metal. They are truly multi-purpose tools for all occasions!!

For instance, you could place a large Classic Frosted Crystal Bowl in an area which needs some stability, and you would also have the benefit of being able to generate a regular source of energetic chi . If it is placed near a source of light, the bowl can bring a beautiful radiance to the room, and the effect will only be enhanced through regular toning!

The Ultra Light Frosted Bowls also enhance Metal energies, but bring even more energetic, pure Yang chi because their tones are much higher than the Classic Frosted Bowls. Since they are smaller and lighter, they are suitable for working with energy in multiple rooms.  They are ideal for space clearing and purification. Metal energy is good for enhancing the Wealth areas of the home or office, and helps with communication, leadership, and organization.

The Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls invoke Water energy.  The clarity and the natural texture of the bowls remind one of pure flowing spring water. Their high tones are also excellent for space clearing and purification. Water energy is associated with depth, tranquility, power and flexibility. Water chi tends to flow smoothly and peacefully around the home, bringing an aura of serenity to any space.

We can enhance this effect by actually adding water to the bowl, creating &structured water& and using this water to drink or water our plants with, thus spreading the energy throughout our home. If placed near a window or other source of light the clear bowls will also help bring in light energies to our environment, much like a faceted crystal will.

The Practitioner Bowl® Series is excellent for use in Feng Shui practices and cures, as their extended resonance allows for maximum infusion into a space with cleansing sound vibrations. To do a space clearing, first stand in the center of the room and tone the bowl by striking it firmly yet gently with the mallet. Raise the level of vibration by moving the mallet firmly around the rim of the bowl (hold the mallet at an angle for best results) until you have a strong resonant tone. Be careful not to play the bowl too loudly, as they can shatter from the vibration. When you have a good tone started, begin spiralling outward from the center of the room, directing the sound into all areas of the space, especially corners, ceilings, and dark areas or alcoves where chi can get "stuck." Sound the bowl at regular intervals to keep the tone resonating. While you are sounding the bowl, focus your intent on clearing the space energetically, and leaving only fresh new chi in the room. You may wish to symbolically "sweep" the stagnant energy out the nearest door or window by sounding the bowl until you have completely cleared the space of old energy.

An added advantage of the crystal singing bowls, is that unlike ordinary containers or bowls which may be used for Feng Shui purposes, the crystal singing bowls are tuned to specific harmonic frequencies that can be used with intention to help enhance specific qualities. For instance, you could place a Clear Crystal Bowl (tuned to the F note for the Heart Chakra) in the Relationship area of your home, to help open yourself to love, and to create a feeling of tranquility in your relationship with a loved one. Then, while toning the bowl, you could enhance the energy vibrations of that area by focusing your intention on your relationship. There are so many possible combinations and uses that it would be impossible to list them all! We recommend a qualified Feng Shui consultant or some good reference books to assist you in placing your Crystal Singing Bowls in the most auspicious locations for you.