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108 Bead Japa Mala


Full 108 Bead Necklace Malas

Mala beads are used to count mantras, or prayers, during japa meditation. Japa (meaning "muttering") is a form of Yoga that involves repeating mantras. Japa is a very powerful practice that helps focus the mind and bring about inner calm. It can be done silently, or aloud, even in a whisper. Mala means "garland" and is used to help you keep track of the count as you practice your mantra meditation.

The most common bead count is 108, although there are other counts . Our Full Malas each have 108 beads, plus 1 Meru or Guru bead. They are traditionally worn around the neck when not in meditation. It is said the mala takes on the meaning of the mantra through repeated practice.

The number 108 has special significance. Vedic culture regards it as a sacred number representing the wholeness of existence. It covers the entire galaxy of 27 constellations in 4 directions. 27 x 4 = 108. There are 108 lines of energy converging in the heart chakra. And many ancient temples were built with 108 steps.

This is a well-made Mala. The size of the beads is very nice, and I really like the soft tassle. It is light weight and very comfortable to use, and to wear around my neck. Love the quality!

Cindy G.