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Kabbalah Set w/Activator
Kabbalah Set w/Activator

Kabbalah Set w/Activator

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Sephirot - Tree of Life

The Kabbalah Tree Of Life Sephiroth Set consists of 12 forks. Each of the Kaballah Tuning Forks resonates with one of the Spheres known as Sephirot. The 11th fork is the invisible non-sephirah Da'ath. The 12th fork is (Genesis) the Lightening Flash, the Pathway of All Life made manifest. Their association is as follows:

1. Kether - Crown
2. Chokmah - Wisdom
3. Binah - Intelligence, Understanding
4. Chesed - Mercy, Majesty
5. Geburah - Power, Severity, Strength
6. Tipharet - Equilibrium, Beauty
7. Netzach - Triumph, Victory
8. Hod - Glory, Splendor
9. Yesod - Foundation
10. Malkut - Kingdom

11. Da’ath - Gnosis, Knowledge

12. Genesis - Beginning

All of our high quality tuning forks are Made in the USA. Each fork is triple tuned for accuracy of +/- .25% Hz. A protective velvet pouch is included, along with a small Rubber Activator.

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