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Inverse Solfeggio Mirrors
Inverse Solfeggio Mirrors

Inverse Solfeggio Mirrors

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Inverse Solfeggio Mirrors

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

The magic begins with the 3, the base of Creation, the Source, the feminine, the primal syntropy. As Buckminster Fuller said, “The triangle is the most basic unit of all structure, and the tetrahedron as the most basic system of energy dynamics.”

The number 6 in relation to the first number (3), is its double and eternal companion, marking the beginning of the universal duality, the law of Genders, the feminine and male energies as parts of the whole, the Yin/Yang, and Vesica Piscis. It is with the 6 that expansion begins and entropy creates all we can observe. It is the male aspect of energy and overall creation and one of the fundamentals of the universal consciousness in manifestation.

The number nine is the climax, the jewel of the threes, the three times three, the Mathematical Finger Print of God. Its significance is divine, representing both the singularity, the initial point of the whole, and the vacuum, everything and nothing. Represents the Seed of Life formed by eight spheres, the symbol of fertility and creation, the blue print of the universe and life. “The number nine is the missing particle in the universe known as Dark Matter.” – Marko Rodin

Notice that 3-6-9 is the natural order progression. The pattern 3-6-9 repeats itself indefinitely. The pattern always begins with a 3, then the 6 and finally the 9. It works even with both positive and negative numbers.

Here are the Solfeggio Frequencies:

174 (3) – 285 (6) – 396 (9) – 417 (3) – 528 (6) – 639 (9) – 741 (3) – 852 (6) – 963 (9) Hz

When we separate the frequencies into the same vibrational level, we get 3 sets of triple frequencies, each with only 3 numbers:

174 (3) / 417 (3) / 741 (3)

282 (6) / 528 (6) / 852 (6)

396 (9) / 639 (9) / 963 (9)

The 3 6 9 pattern, according to this “wheel”, always moves clockwise, to the right, 3-6-9, 6-9-3 and 9-3-6. It is therefore, creation's natural order of manifestation and empowerment. In comparison, the Solfeggio moves anti-clock wise, to the left, hence the 3-9-6 instead of the 3-6-9, the 6-3-9 instead of 6-9-3, and 9-6-3 instead of 9-3-6. The same with the other two sets of frequencies.

The Natural Frequencies, according to the 3 6 9 Wheel are:

147 (3) – 258 (6) – 369 (9) – 471 (3) – 582 (6) – 693 (9) – 714 (3) – 825 (6) – 936 (9)

These are known as the Solfeggio Mirror frequencies.

Set of 9 Forks, includes a protective velvet pouch.

All of our high quality tuning forks are Made in the USA. Each fork is triple tuned for accuracy of +/- .25% Hz.

Special thanks to Satori Rei - information used with permission.

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