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In its most basic form, a pendulum is any small weight suspended on a length of chain, or thread of silk, cotton, hemp, nylon, or gut.  Pendulums can be made of wood, metal, glass, stone, and are symmetrical in shape. In Healing Touch classes, we learned you could suspend a Lifesaver on a length of dental floss, and voila! - you have a pendulum at the ready.  
The Art of Penduling, or dowsing, is known as Radiesthesia, which is a Greek word that means ‘sensitiveness to radiation’.  It describes the ability to detect subtle energies, as well as electromagnetic radiation which is emitted from people, animals, objects, and geographical features.  In short, using a pendulum allows us to interact with vibrational fields of the human body to access information.
The concept of dowsing was known in many cultures, including the Egyptians and the Chinese.  It is estimated that dowsing dates back as far as 7,000 years.
Pendulums can be classified as Basic, Therapeutic, White Light, Gold Light, or Neutral. Some have a hollow compartment inside, known as a Witness Chamber. These can be used to hold a small sample, or "witness" to aid your work. Whichever pendulums you chose to work with, practice will increase your dowsing skills. With good care, your pendulum should last a lifetime. They can be used by anyone, with any skill level, and offer an extra dimension on your healing journey.

I really love this new pendulum. It is very sensitive. It's especially good for checking Chakra balance before and after a tuning fork session. My clients really appreciate the visual confirmation.

Mary W-B