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Ozone / Oxygen Tuning Fork WTD
Ozone / Oxygen Tuning Fork WTD

Ozone / Oxygen Tuning Fork WTD

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Ozone is a molecule of three negatively charged oxygen atoms. O + O2 combine to form O3. A pure oxygen (O2) molecule can gain an extra atom through various methods, but the most common is by high electrical voltage. Remember that smell after a thunderstorm? That is the clean smell of ozone oxygenating the atmosphere. O3 is separating into O and O2. The grass and leaves turn very bright green from this extra boost! Ozone is very unstable and has a very short half-life (about 20 minutes), wanting to quickly fall back to its stable form, thus giving off one oxygen atom.

Ozone is one of the strongest known oxidants. The extra oxygen radical binds with whatever it comes into contact with. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be eliminated and all that is left is pure stable oxygen (O2).

All of our high quality tuning forks are Made in the USA. Each fork is triple tuned for accuracy of +/- .25% Hz. A protective velvet pouch is included.

Ozone Molecule
Ozone Molecile

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