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Reference Forks

432 Hz - 440 Hz - 444 Hz

444 Hz Forks

We are pleased to now offer 3 different reference forks.

The standard musical reference has long been A440 Hz, which is known as Concert Pitch. Using A440 results in other notes of the scale deriving into fractions. The cymatic representations thus look somewhat chaotic showing incoherent patterns.

A432 Hz is gaining much popularity, even though many composers used this tuning more than a century ago. Even the Beatles were aware of A432 tuning. It is known as the Stradivari/Verdi Tuning. When instruments are tuned to A432, all the notes of the scale are whole numbers, no fractions. The cymatic waves appear more coherent, even beautiful and flower-like.

We offer both the A432 Fork, and the unweighted 432 Chakra Set.

A444 Hz Tuning Forks are also available for those who are interested in re-tuning their musical instruments. By changing A440 to A444, Middle C moves to 528 Hz. This shifts the musical scale to the Ancient Solfeggio Tuning.

Forks come with a velvet pouch for protection.

432 Hz Fork - Standard  $ 38.   
432 Hz Fork - Weighted  $ 48.   

432 Chakra Set STD w/Activator  $ 169.   
432 Chakra Set WTD w/Activator  $ 239.   

Freq. Fork
256 C
288 D
324 E
344 F
384 G
432 A
486 B

440 Hz Fork - Standard  $ 38.   

444 Hz Fork - Standard  $ 38.   
444 Hz Fork - Weighted  $ 48.   

Small Rubber Activator
We highly recommend a small rubber activator be used when activating tuning forks.

Small Activator  $ 5.00  


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