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8 and 9 Chakra Tuning Fork Sets
Colored Chakra Balls
Leg Activator

8 Chakra tuning Fork Set

The 8 Chakra Tuning Fork Set generates the seven planetary audio frequencies of the seven Chakras and the Soul Star frequency, also known as the Transpersonal or Soul Purpose. Each fork has frequency & name of the Chakra.

The 9 Chakra Tuning Fork Set generates the seven planetary audio frequencies of the seven Chakras, the Soul Star frequency, and the Earth Star frequency for the 9th Chakra below. Each fork has frequency & name of the Chakra.

These sets are special because they not only assist in clearing issues, they will assist in reopening your soul's purpose and help you ground it so it can manifest.

These tuning forks are a tool to help you get in touch with the subtle energy of your body's chakra system. We call them "Energetic Training Wheels" because they give you a physical sense just before you feel the energy shift, to allow you to understand what energy is, and how to sense it. These tools can enhance your awareness of chakra energy, and help you notice the subtle energy flow.

Name Frequency
8th - Soul Star 272.20
7th - Crown 172.06
6th - Third Eye 221.23
5th - Throat 141.27
4th - Heart (Same as OM) 136.10
3rd - Solar Plexus 126.22
2nd - Sacral 210.42
1st - Root 194.18
0th - Earth Star 68.05

Each chakra or energy center has a measurable pattern of electromagnetic activity to which it is naturally "tuned" when it is flowing in balance, or aligned. By placing a vibrating tuning fork's handle on a chakra, it initiates sound frequencies that stimulate the body to create the frequencies it needs to bring itself into alignment. It is similar to striking a musical tuning fork and finding nearby tuning forks vibrating in harmony. The electromagnetic field of the body is recharged and the flow of Chi energy is re-established.

The 8th Chakra is also known as the Soul Star, Soul Purpose, Interpersonal Point, or link to the Divine. According to Sacred Geometry, ancient drawings of Chakras, and even included in a Leonardo Da Vinci drawing, the 8th Chakra is located about 6 to 10 inches above your head. If you raise your arms straight above your head, your 8th Chakra is located between your two wrists. Placing the vibrating 8th Chakra tuning fork there can help clear that chakra, making clear your Soul Purpose and reestablishing your connection with the Divine.

The 9th Chakra below, called the Earth Star, is located the exact same distance from the bottoms of your feet, as the 8th Chakra is from your head, and resonates with the Earth Star frequency of 68.05 Hz. Placing the vibrating 9th Chakra tuning fork there while visualizing your material goals can help manifest them.

Standard or Weighted?   >>> Learn More

Each Full Set Includes:
  • Beautiful Velvet Pouch
  • Small Rubber Activator
8 Chakra Set w/ Activator - Standard  $ 169.00   
8 Chakra Set w/ Activator - Weighted  $ 235.00   

Soul Star Fork - Standard Fork  $ 38.00   
Soul Star Fork - Weighted Fork  $ 48.00   

9 Chakra Set w/ Activator - Standard  $ 215.00   
9 Chakra Set w/ Activator - Weighted  $ 256.00   

Earth Star Fork - Standard Fork  $ 38.00   
Earth Star Fork - Weighted Fork  $ 48.00   

Now Available - Chakra Balls & Leg Activator

Chakra Balls Simply place the colored balls on the end of the tuning fork. The colors help identify the forks, as they correspond to the chakra colors. The rubber balls may also be placed directly on the body for a firm treatment with the vibrating fork. The vibration will be transmitted directly through the ball, into the physical body. There are 9 different colored balls in each set. They may be used with any of our tuning forks, and are especially suited to the chakra sets, or the Harmonic Spectrum Set, for easy identification.

9 Colored Chakra Balls - $ 18.00   

Leg ActivatorLeg Activator

This handly little accessory is a useful time saver! No more searching for the rubber triangles, keeping your hands free to work with the forks. Simply wrap this one around your thigh, and it goes where you go. The strap is adjustable, so one size fits most. The rubber is the right softness to start the sound on your forks. Works really well when you are working around a massage table doing sound sessions. Save your knees! Use a Leg Activator.

Leg Activator - $ 34.00   

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