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Crystal & Rudraksha Mala
Crystal & Rudraksha Mala

Crystal & Rudraksha Mala

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8mm Medium Knotted with a Pure White Tassel. 108 Beads + 1 Meru Bead.

Clear Quartz is a powerful cleansing and purifying stone that absorbs, releases, amplifies, and regulates energy. Paired with the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Seeds, it raises the vibration to an even higher level. Use this Mala for courage, peace, insight, concentration.

This Mala is a good choice for one desiring transformation and enlightenment. It helps one align spiritual intentions with internal values. The 5-faced (Mukhi) seeds are safe for all, as are the crystal clear quartz beads. This Mala brings a clarity to issues and has a long tradition in the history of Malas.

Suggested Mantra - Om Namah Shivaya

The length of this Mala is approximately 36" long. Bead sizes can vary, as they are natural.

Comes with complimentary Mala Bag for storage and protection.

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