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Ebony Mala
Ebony Mala

Ebony Mala

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8mm Medium Knotted with Orange Tassel. 108 Beads + 1 Meru Bead  

Ebony is a very dense wood, and the black color signifies protection, success, and earthly grounding. The beads are smooth and polished to perfection. They improve with age and regular use, becoming even smoother.

Many sacred objects are made from ebony wood, which comes from the heart of the Diospyros tree. The outer layers of the tree are light, almost white, while the inner layers are very dark. Just as in life, not everything is visible until you look deeper.

Ebony Malas are good for improving concentration, helping to control anger, and reducing fear and misunderstandings.

Suggested Mantra - Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

The length of this Mala is approximately 38" long. Bead sizes can vary, as they are natural.

Comes with complimentary Mala Bag for storage and protection.

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