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Tiger Eye & Labradorite Mala
Tiger Eye & Labradorite Mala

Tiger Eye & Labradorite Mala

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6mm Hand Knotted with Blue Silk Tassel. 108 Beads + 1 Clear Quartz Meru Bead inscribed with Om Mane Padme Hum.

Tiger Eye is a banded stone that displays beautiful layers of chatoyancy, depending on how it catches the light. It is good for assisting us to see multiple points of view. It also is supportive when dealing with issues of fear and anxiety.

Labradorite displays blue flashes of color, and is called the Magic Stone. It is a Barrier Crystal with no right angles in its structure, which provides for a very strong defense from all possible directions.

Comes with complimentary Mala bag for storage and protection.

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