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Apple Jasper & Green Verawood Mala
Apple Jasper & Green Verawood Mala

Apple Jasper & Green Verawood Mala

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6mm & 8mm Medium with Red Tassel. 108 Beads + 1 Meru Bead

Apple Jasper is one of the many, many forms of jasper. This particular variety is found in Africa, and is streaked with hues of green, red, brown, and tan. It has a very soothing energy, helping one to feel peaceful and calm.

Green Verawood, also known as Green Sandalwood, has a distinct natural fragrance like Sandalwood. As the beads age, they get more green. Verawood in Latin (Lignum Vitae) means 'Wood of Life.' You may also recognize this wood and its pleasant scent by its Spanish name - Palo Santo, meaning 'Holy Wood.'

By whatever name it is called, Verawood has properties that help induce meditative states. When combined with the Apple Jasper, the two together stimulate life force energy associated with the first Chakra, but in a very grounded, joyful way.

Suggested Mantra - Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha

The length of this Mala is approximately 32" long. Bead sizes can vary, as they are natural.

Comes with complimentary Mala bag for storage and protection.

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