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Scolecite Cabochons & Palm Stones

The phrase that best summarizes the energy of Scolecite is "inner peace." These stones emanate a deep peace that can resonante through one's entire auric field. Emotionally, Scolecite enhances the heart chakra energies. It acts as a mild cleanser, gently clearing the energy centers and allowing the Light to shine in. It is an excellent friend for those afriad of opening too quickly or who need to learn the power of gentleness.

Like Tiger's Eye, Scolecite displays chatoyance, with light reflecting perpendicular to the direction of the crystal fibers. These specimens are AAA Grade, with beautiful, luminous details! Available in assorted cab shapes or in a nicely sized palm stone.

Scolecite Palm Stone - Approx. 55mm X 40mm Oval -    $ 25.    


Scolecite #1 - 38mm X 30mm -    $ 36.    

Scolecite #2 - 43mm X 27mm -    SOLD    

Scolecite #3 - 30mm X 27mm -    $ 32.    

Scolecite #4 - 45mm X 30mm -    $ 38.    

Scolecite #5 - 33mm X 33mm -    $ 33.    

Scolecite #6 - 47mm X 23mm -    $ 32.    

Scolecite #7 - 36mm X 30mm -    $ 32.    

Scolecite #8 - 48mm X 33mm -    $ 44.    


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