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Practitioner Bowl The Practitioner Bowl - A Crystal Quartz Healing Tool
"The Practitioner Bowls are the most practical of the crystal sonic tools that have thus far manifested on the planet. They are lightweight and easy to use - the glass goblet design allows you to comfortably move with them while resonating their wondrous sounds. They are a true gift to assist with sound healing and frequency shifting!"

~ Jonathan Goldman
Author of Healing Sounds
Composer of Chakra Chants

The Practitioner Bowls® are pure quartz crystal singing bowls designed with a quartz rod handle. These beautiful healing tools are specifically created for therapeutic use by sound healers and are complementary to alternative healing work. Each differently colored bowl series has three Practitioner sizes available - 6", 7", and 8" - in addition to the 4" Tuning Fork style. To order Practitioner Bowls - go to the bowl page that you are interested in, and in the drop down window where it says, ’Select Size’ you will see the many sizes available in that series.

MP3 Audio File  Hear the Bowl!  Mini 5" Ulta Light Frosted Practitioner Bowl, Note of F.

MP3 Audio File  Hear the Bowl!  7.5" Economy Quartz Practitioner Bowl, Note of E.

How To Make Your Practitioner Bowl "Sing"

Grasp the quartz rod handle and hold the bowl up in one hand. Hold the mallet in your other hand and circle the outside rim of the bowl as you apply steady pressure. Keep circling the bowl until the desired volume is achieved. The Practitioner Bowl® will continue to sound and you will feel the vibrations in the handle and throughout your hand. Try moving the bowl up and down, toward and away from you and in circles. Always be aware of your surroundings.


Be cautious when you strike any bowl with a mallet. If the bowl is already sounding and you want to strike it, do it gently. A light tap can be very effective with a bowl this resonant. Intense vibrations created by playing the bowls too loudly can cause breakage. We do not warranty the product or accept liability resulting from bowl shatter.

Cleansing the Aura

If working on yourself:

Standing, sound the Practitioner Bowl®. Hold the bowl sideways. Sweep the bowl up and down the front of your body. Do circles above the head and make certain there is plenty of space around you.

If working on someone else:

Have the person stand and take a few deep breaths to relax. Sound the Practitioner Bowl®. Hold the bowl sideways and sweep it up and down in front of the body, starting at the feet and ascending to the top of the head. Sweep up and down the right and left sides of the body. Move behind the person and sweep up and down the back, again starting at the feet and ascending as far up as you can reach. Tap the bowl lightly and circle the Crown Chakra at the top of the head.

Stimulating and Balancing Chakras and Areas Throughout the Body

The Practitioner Bowl® can be very effective for stimulating a specific area or chakra and moving energy in the body. Various types of movements can affect how and where the vibrations are directed and felt.
a.) Move the bowl towards and away from the body in circular motions. This movement works great for the heart chakra. Stand in front of the person, sound the bowl, hold the bowl sideways, move in circular motions towards and away from the heart. Repeat this behind the person. This also works well for the lower back and the spine.

b.) Hold the Practitioner Bowl® up and rotate your wrist left and right. This movement works well on the third eye. Sound the bowl, hold it about 12 inches from the persons (or your) third eye and rotate the wrist left and right. Try different speeds of movement to achieve various effects.

c.) Move the Practitioner Bowl® in circles: this works very well over the crown chakra (top of the head). Sound the bowl and do rotations over the crown. Do large slow circles and small fast ones for different effects. Try this movement over the solar plexus and other areas of the body.
Using the Practitioner Bowl® with other Frosted and Clear Bowls

The Practitioner Bowl® works great in conjunction with other bowls. When different bowls interact with each other the sounds have profound effects on the listener. Different sizes and styles of bowls produce various types of frequencies and each bowl can stimulate the body in different ways. Try experimenting with different bowl combinations. The Classic Frosted, Clear, Ultra Light Frosted and the Practitioner Bowls® are each unique and, when used together, can create amazing harmonic patterns and vibrational frequencies.

Toning Your Voice with the Practitioner Bowl®

Sound the Practitioner Bowl®. Hold the bowl in front of your face. Tone a vowel like "O". Try to match the tone of the bowl. If the bowl is too high in pitch try a lower voice tone and experiment with different tones. Take a deep breath and relax the throat when you start toning. After a few tries you will feel the power of the voice/bowl combination. Experiment with different voice tones and bowl combinations. This can also be done with the Classic Frosted, Ultra Light Frosted, Clear and other Crystal Tones specialty bowls.

Clearing the Energy in the Room - "Sound Smudging"

The Practitioner Bowl® is ideal for clearing the energy in a space or room. Sound the Practitioner Bowl® and walk through the room. Try doing figure eights in the air.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can use your Practitioner Bowl®. As you become more relaxed in your process, you are sure to discover new techniques and treatments of your own.

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