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White Vaijante Mala - Unknotted
White Vaijante Mala - Unknotted

White Vaijante Mala - Unknotted

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8-10mm Seeds * Full 108 Beads with Large Rudraksha Meru Bead and a String Tassel. Strung with No Knots.

Vaijante Seeds have a very smooth finish and are naturally polished. Vaijante grass, also known as Job's Tears, grows very tall and bears colorful flowers. It is native to Southeast Asia. The grain and seeds are edible, and used in traditional Chinese Medicine. The hard seeds are a natural bead with a hole running through the center. They have been used for centuries to make rosaries, necklaces, and bracelets. The literal translation means, "Garland of Victory."

The Vaijanti Mala is said to bless the wearer with a charismatic personality.  It is also said by wearing this Mala, one will never lose anything.

Comes with complimentary Mala bag for storage and protection.

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