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Malachite Mala, Prayer BeadsMalachite Mala

Malachite is a powerful grounding stone that clears obstructions and helps avert confusion and apathy. It helps with business success, vision quests, and meditation. Malachite is also good for strengthening the immune system. Shown here is the large knotted version.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $111  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $144  

Mookite Jasper Mala
Mookite Jasper Mala

Mookite Jasper combines in any given stone deep reds and yellows, to delicate mauves and purples. Mookite jasper is one of the newly emerging stones being favored in this special new time, when people wish to consistently work with diving deep into spirit while also keeping their feet solidly grounded on earth. Mookite lifts, anchors and protects all at the same time. It is the stone of Acceptance. Photo shows the large, unknotted version.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $ 80.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 92.  

Rainbow Fluorite Mala
Rainbow Fluorite Mala

Rainbow Fluorite is for Inner Discernment. It pulls out imbalances from a situation, offering clear, balanced vision and action. Excellent for stabilizing and producing order and discernment. Connects you to subtle realms of energy, as per your will: meditation, fairies, past lives. Shown here is a medium knotted version.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $ 72.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 82.  

Howlite Mala
Howlite Mala

Howlite combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience. It helps ground the assistance of your inner guides, ancestors and dreams, and provides stability. Howlite is also helpful for relieving muscular tension and bone pain. Shown here is the large, unknotted mala.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $ 68.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 82.  

New Jade Mala"New" Jade Mala

Light apple-green jade on apple-green silk. Jade works to deepen spiritual wisdom, and offers peace and balance in body, mind and spirit. It helps you realize your potential and stay firm in your highest commitments. Jade helps connect you with the ancestors of your tradition, to receive their blessings for your endeavors. There are three types of stones referred to as jade: jadeite, nephrite and serpentine. This mala is serpentine "new jade.".

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $82.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 88.  

Carnelian MalaCarnelian Mala

Translucent carnelian gemstones on matching silk thread. Carnelian is a favorite stone for malas. It helps connect you to your higher self, awakening your inherent talents, protecting you from negative energies and grounding positive energies. It helps you see the universe as a loving, supportive home. Photo shows large unknotted version.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $82.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 98.  

Clear Quartz MalaClear Quartz Mala

Clear quartz on cream-colored silk. Quartz, the most perfect, balanced energy of all stones, has been used in sacred traditions throughout the ages. It modifies and transmits energy in accordance with the needs of the user, from the highest inner realms to the most pragmatic level. Photo shows large unknotted version.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $76.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 108.  

Unakite MalaUnakite Mala

Unakite aligns your emotional body with your higher spiritual self, enabling you to be positively assertive. Helps you go beneath the physical symptoms of a problem to reveal the true root cause. Unakite also creates a buffer to protect you from electromagnetic fields.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $88.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 108.  

Aventurine MalaAventurine Mala

Green translucent aventurine stones on matching colored silk. Aventurine provides the heart with the courage to grow, change and lead in beauty and peace. It helps activate, clear and heal the heart. It shields you from unwanted energies that seek to aggressively encroach on your personal space. Photo shows large knotted version.

Medium 6mm - Knotted - $70.  
Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 88.  

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