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Jade Facial Roller

Jade Facial Roller

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Pamper your face with a green jade facial roller! Incorporating this easy beauty treatment can help reduce puffy eyes, increase circulation for healthier skin, and smooth out any areas that need some attention.

This comes from a long tradition in Chinese medicine, of stimulating meridians and acupressure points that traverse around the face and neck, keeping you healthy and vitalized.

The roller is double-ended, giving you two different sizes for best application. For a real treat, put the roller in your refrigerator for about 20 minutes. The cooling effect is very beneficial for treating inflammation and feels wonderful, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.

Jade is known for good luck, health, and longevity, and has been treasured in Asia for many centuries. It is considered to be a living stone, with a luminescence that shines from within. It is naturally cool to the touch, making it an excellent material for a facial roller.

Measures 6" long x 2 1/2" wide.

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