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7 Chakra Anointing Oils

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Chakra Anointing Oils are used to align and attune each energy center. They can be applied directly via the roll-on tip, or used as aromatherapy by just uncapping and letting in the heavenly scents. Each blend is formulated by Heather Weingartner, licensed massage therapist and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teacher and ceremonial artist.

The formulations are made from pure essential oils in a carrier of Jojoba Oil. No synthetic ingredients!

Each Chakra represents a certain quality and is associated with a color of our rainbow spectrum.

1st Chakra - Red - Grounding, Serenity
2nd Chakra - Orange - Creativity, Sexuality
3rd Chakra - Yellow - Personal Power
4th Chakra - Green - Aventurine - Love, Compassion
5th Chakra - Blue - Communication, Expression
6th Chakra - Indigo - Intuition
7th Chakra - Violet - Cosmic Consciousness

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