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Crystal Point Generator

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This Chakra Point Generator can be used to balance and energize your energy centers. Each color represents one chakra, and reminds us of the wonderful, colorful beings that we truly are. Place the generator on your Solar Plexus, and relax or mediate while the gemstones work their magic!

The Clear Quartz pyramid center is surrounded by 7 Chakra faceted gemstones, including amethyst, sodalite, lapis, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, peach aventurine, and red jasper. Each point measures about 1.25 inches in length. The center pyramid is about 1 inch in diameter. Each colored point corresponds to a chakra, and the clear center quartz relates to the Seat of the Soul.

Root - Red Jasper

Sacral - Peach Aventurine

Solar Plexus - Yellow Aventurine

Heart - Green Aventurine

Throat - Lapis

Third Eye - Sodalite

Crown - Amethyst

Seat of the Soul - Clear Quartz

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