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Chumpi Stones
Chumpi Stones - Set of 7

Chumpi Stones - Set of 7

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Chumpi Stones carry sacred energy and are connected to the mountains of Peru. They are used by Shamans for healing. Each mountain is called by name for assistance in the ceremony. The seven sacred mountains are Apu Kuntur, Apu Machupicchu, Apu Sacsayhuaman, Apu Salkantay, Apu Pachatusuan, Apu Pumahuanca, and Apu Senccapicol.

This special version of Chumpi Stones is made from Jiwaya Stones, also called Meteorite Chumpi. They are indiginous to the Q'ero peoples of the high Andes. The dark stones are carved from black hematite, which is very dense and heavy because of the high iron content. The stones also have magnetic properties.

The set includes a hand woven ceremonial cloth with a beaded tie. Each stone is also individually wrapped inside a single woven pouch.

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