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Chumpi Stones
Chumpi Stones - Set of 12

Chumpi Stones - Set of 12

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Chumpi Stones are connected to the mountains of Peru, and are used by Shamans for healing. Each mountain is called by name for assistance in the ceremony. The names of the 12 sacred mountains are: Apu Sacsayhuaman, Apu Salcantay, Apu Ausangate, Apu Pachatusan, Apu Senccapicol, Apu Machupicchu, Apu Pisaq, Apu Chicon, Apu Huancaro, Apu Picchu alto, Apu Pitusiray, and Apu Pumahuanca.

The stones are gathered from the Urubamba River and hand carved by local artisans.  All have been used in sacred ceremonies.

This is the last set available! Since the pandemic, international mail has been severely interrupted. We hope to receive new orders from Peru, South America soon.

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