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Chakra Stones

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Chakra Stones can be used for aligning your energy centers and setting intention.  Each color represents one chakra, and reminds us of the wonderful, colorful beings that we truly are. The stones are contained in a drawstring bag for safe-keeping.

Each Chakra represents a certain quality and is associated with a color of our rainbow spectrum. The 8th Chakra Stone is represented by a clear apophylite crystal.

1st Chakra - Red - Grounding, Serenity
2nd Chakra - Orange - Creativity, Sexuality
3rd Chakra - Yellow - Personal Power
4th Chakra - Green - Aventurine - Love, Compassion
5th Chakra - Blue - Communication, Expression
6th Chakra - Indigo - Intuition
7th Chakra - Violet - Cosmic Consciousness
8th Chakra - Clear - ALL THAT IS

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