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Carnelian Cabochons - Cut and Polished

From The Book Of Stones...
"Carnelian is a stone that supports leadership and courage. Its keywords are courage, vitality, sexuality, confidence, and action. Carnelian activates the first, second, and third chakras, bringing an influx of life force, sexual and creative energies, and assertive will. It is a powerful aid to those who wish to build confidence, courage, passion and power within themselves. Carrying or wearing Carnelian can aid in awakening the vital energies of the three lower chakras, increasing zest for living and the willingness to take the risks inherent in all strong actions.

Another aspect of the energy of Carnelian is its ability to strengthen and fortify the physical body. When we neglect the physical, we are neglecting the temple in which our spirit resides. Carnelian's energy resonates with the body, focusing one's attention upon the state of the spirit's house. strengthening our connection to the Divine."

Carnelian #1 - 20mm X 20mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #2 - 25mm X 16mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #3 - 25mm X 15mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #4 - 21mm X 21mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #5 - 24mm X 18mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #6 - 27mm X 13mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #7 - 18mm X 18mm -   $ 13.  

Carnelian #8 - 27mm X 15mm -   $ 13.  


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