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Aquamarine Cabochons

Aquamarine in Latin means 'water of the sea.' It is a cardinal Water element stone and perhaps the strongest stone for clearing communication and activating the throat chakra. Aquamarine is also the stone of release. It is excellent for working with grief. Even though Aquamarine calms, it does not put one to sleep. Instead, it brings one to a relaxed, alert stage of consciousness in which one's knowledge, wisdom, and feelings can be articulated with clarity and conviction. It connects us to the Divine Feminine, and can soothe fiery energies and promote understanding between divergent viewpoints.

Aquamarine Cab #1 - 27mm X 15mm -   $ 33.  

Aquamarine Cab #2 - 35mm X 22mm -   $ 40.  

Aquamarine Cab #3 - 29mm X 21mm -   $ 36.  

Aquamarine Cab #4 - 25mm X 17mm -   $ 30.  

Aquamarine Cab #5 - 28mm X 20mm -   5$ 35.  


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