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YHVH - The God Fork
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YHVH - The God Fork

Metatron's Cube

The God Fork, or YHVH Fork is in a category all by itself. It resonates to a frequency of 26 Hz. It is the longest and lowest frequency fork that we offer. For some, the tone is not even audible, but the effects are profound. Sound Healing isn't about what you hear. It's about what you feel.

The 3-Dimensional Cube consists of 12 lines, 8 points, and 6 faces. 12+8+6=26 - the Gematria of YAHWEH. The number 26 is also the number of the proportion of the Golden Rectangle, which was utilized by Classical and Renaissance artists as a symbol of perfection. The four characters of the Tetragrammaton are the four Hebrew letters that correspond to YHWH and are transliterated IAUE or Yahweh. The Hebrew letters are named Yod-Heh-Waw-Heh: יהוה; note that Hebrew is written from right to left, rather than left to right as in English. In English it is written as YHWH, YHVH, or JHVH depending on the convention that is used. The letters Yod, Heh, Vau, Heh, which equal 10, 5, 6 and 5, add together to equal 26. It translates into * HE WHO IS * WAS * WILL BE *, thus we discover the eternal nature of God.

64 Tetrahedron
Stella Octagula

The fundamental pattern that creates all matter is a 64 tetrahedron geometry shape. The 64 tetrahedron is made up of 8 star tetrahedrons coming together. This geometry shape is the geometry of the vacuum and all matter. We could say it is the fundamental pattern of GOD/THE ONE, all that is. Interestingly, the Gematria for Love is 13, and the gematria for One is also 13. The two together add up to 26, LOVE and ONE being equal in number. Added together, LOVE and ONE = 26. GOD is LOVE and GOD is ONE.

The stella octangula is a three-dimensional version of a two-dimensional hexagram. If rotated just right in a shadow, it becomes a perfect Star of David. Two tetrahedrons fused into each other and offset 180 degrees, it is the only polyhedron that is perfectly inscribed in a cube.

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