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Nucleotide Forks

In 1988, Susan Alexjander and biologist Dr. David Deamer collaborated on a science/art project which consisted of measuring the vibrational frequencies of the four DNA base molecules, translating them into sound, programming them into a synthesizer and using this tuning system as the basis for original compositions. The realization of biological, infrared frequencies into sound has resulted in unusual insights into the harmonic fabric of DNA, and reactions from listeners suggest that our bodies may have a way of recognizing their own electromagnetic patterns through the resonance of tone.

If we could hear the body, delve into its rhythms and frequencies, what might it sound like? Would we recognize patterns pleasing to the ear... consider them beautiful...musical? Is our biology harmonically ordered in any way? And if so, so what? There are many ways to explore such questions, and one direct way is to access the frequencies of DNA, the primary carrier of genetic information for all living organisms.

Name Frequency
Adenine 545.6
Guanine 550
Thymine 543.4
Cytocine 537.8
No items found.

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