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Angel Tuners & Crystal Tuner
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Angel Tuners & Crystal Tuner

The Angel Tuners are a set of 3 tuning forks tuned to 4096 Hz, 4160 Hz, and 4225 Hz, representing the theological frequencies for Jacob's Ladder, Stairway to Heaven, and Pillar of Light. These forks are used for clearing auric fields, for helping to ground and focus, and for connecting or reconnecting with higher self.

The Crystal Tuner is tuned to a harmonic of the actual frequency of quartz crystal. It is used for clearing and activating crystals with sound. They are also useful for clearing and activating physical and etheric crystals within the human energy fields. This fork, known as Jacob's Ladder, is also available as part of the Angel Tuners.

Name Frequency
Jacob's Ladder 4096 Hz
Pillar of Light 4160 Hz
Stairway to Heaven 4225 Hz
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