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432 Harmonic Chakra Sets
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432 Harmonic Chakra Sets

The 432 Harmonic Chakra Sets use the Reference Frequency of A-432 Hz. This tuning is gaining much popularity, even though many composers used it more than a century ago. Even the Beatles were aware of A432 tuning. It is known as the Stradivari/Verdi Tuning. When instruments are tuned to A432, all the notes of the scale are whole numbers, no fractions. The cymatic waves appear more coherent, even beautiful and flower-like.

Music tuned to A-432 resonates with the Feeling/Heart Chakra, while music tuned to A-440 stimulates the Thinking/Third Eye Chakra.

We offer the A432 Chakra Set in both Weighted and Standard.

Freq. Fork Chakra
256 Hz C Root
288 Hz D Sacral
324 Hz E Solar Plexus
344 Hz F Heart
384 Hz G Throat
432 Hz A Third Eye
486 Hz B Crown
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