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Color Essence Sprays

Specifically formulated from years of highly effective Colorpuncture Chromatherapy treatments with dogs, cats, and horses - these easy to apply mists now make it possible for you and your favorite animal to experience the powerful benefits of color healing at home - a Session-in-a-Spray!

Choose from 10 Color Frequencies in lined, unbreakable 2.5 oz. sprays. Use this Quick Find Guide for color selection help.

These 'Vibrational Mother Essences' are energetic tonations without fragrances, dyes, or preservatives, to help you and your family enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Prices are $24 each, 3 For $66, or A Complete Set of 10 for $200.

Vibrational Healing Wave

Volcano Red Color Essence Spray
Vitality frequencies of fiery, molten REDS can deeply penetrate tissue and skeletal structure to bubble up chronic conditions, relieve pain, and strengthen the entire system.
Volcano Red - $24.
Solar Orange Color Essence Spray
Lively ORANGE frequencies offer hormonal balance, healthy appetite, and a joyful enthusiasm while relieving respiratory congestion and adrenal/kidney weakness.
Solar Orange - $24.
Firefly Yellow Color Essence Spray
Illumination with YELLOW frequencies can fortify the immune and endocrine systems, dry out infections, calm indigestion, and flush & drain the lymphatic system.
Firefly Yellow - $24.
Emerald Green Color Essence SprayThe magical GREEN glow of balance provides a sense of well-being and peace, supporting heart conditions, the nervous system, vision, blood sugar, and elimination.
Emerald Green - $24.
Hyacinth Blue Color Essence Spray
Calm, watery BLUE & TURQUOISE frequencies unify to benefit the immune system, skin conditions, thyroid and lungs. It offers a sense of safety and protection during stress.
Hyacinth Blue - $24.
Starnight Indigo Color Essence Spray
Cool, sedating COBALT & INDIGO frequencies are a must for infections, wounds, and post-surgical pain, due to their soothing anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
Starnight - $24.
Mountain Purple Color Essence Spray
Spiritual VIOLET & PURPLE frequencies can build the spleen, detoxify, purify, and promote emotional releases. It offers connection beyond the physical plane.
Mtn. Purple - $24.
Sunrise Pink/Peach Color Essence Spray
Stimulating, iridescent PINK & PEACH frequencies promote movement, cellular communication and expansion. Also assists in a transition from the physical body.
Sunrise Pink - $24.
Opalescent Pearl Color Essence Spray
Crystalline, shimmering PEARL frequencies clear and then rebuild cellular memories of trauma or abuse, providing a gentle breakup of old physical and emotional patterning for change.
Opalescent Pearl - $24.
Rainbow Spectral Color Essence Spray
A FULL SPECTRUM tune-up containing every color is invaluable for energizing and balancing the entire system. It grounds and reconnects into the physical after trauma or stress.
Rainbow Spectrum - $24.
3 Color Essence Sprays
Specify your 3 color choices in the 'Special Instructions' section of the Check Out page.
Set of 3 - $66.
Full Spectrum Color Essences
1 Each - Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Indigo, Purple, Pink, Pearl, & Rainbow.
Complete Set of 10 - $200.
Vibrational Healing Wave

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