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Chakra Center Malas

While the listed stones are generally related to that specific chakra, please note the following:

You can use clear quartz crystal for all chakras. Agates, Jaspers, Calcites, Tourmalines, Fluorites and Quartz come in many natural colors and can be used with the chakras whose color they relate to. Although we may have only one stone featured for each chakra, we have listed others which may also be appropriate for a particular chakra center. If you feel a certain stone should or should not be used with a chakra, regardless of color or type, go with your instincts. All stones seek to harmonize and balance energy in some beneficial way and their particular qualities may or may not be useful for you at any particular time.

Amethyst Mala
7th Chakra, Crown Mala

Translucent purple amethyst stones on dark purple silk. The stone of wisdom, amethyst offers a peaceful, centered awareness. It clears, harmonizes and stabilizes all levels of positive consciousness. Amethyst is excellent for introspection, as it assists in assimilating and remembering new ideas. It helps protect the wearer in stressful situations.

Amethyst Medium 6mm - Knotted - $108.  
Amethyst Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 125.  

Sodalite Mala
6th Chakra, Third Eye Mala

Blue and white variegated sodalite, on matching blue silk. Sodalite is very useful for those working with groups for it creates a consciousness of fellowship and commonality of purpose. This stone is helpful for entering the realm of the universe's beneficent laws and encourages a truth-based trust in oneself and others. The photo shows the large unknotted version. Note: the mine where sodalite comes from has now closed, and the future availability of these stones is contingent on stonecutters finding another supply.

Sodalite Medium 6mm - Knotted - $78.  
Sodalite Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 108.  

Turquoise Mala
5th Chakra, Throat Mala

Chinese turquoise beads on turquoise silk. Turquoise brings you the blessings of heaven and earth, inner and outer, combined in one form. It helps you enter into high states of consciousness while still retaining contact with the material world. It is a traditional stone for protection, prosperity, good luck and goodness. Chinese turquoise is a beautiful blue-green with random dark striations running through it. Individually cut beads will vary in actual size, the medium version from 5-6 mm and the large from 7-9mm.

Chinese Turquoise Medium 6mm - Knotted - $120.  
Chinese Turquoise Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 150.  

Rose Quartz Mala4th Chakra, Heart Mala
Translucent pink quartz on matching silk. Rose quartz offers a gentle, calming, centering energy to the heart, strengthening the development of compassionate love, both for yourself and for others. It also helps heal emotional wounds.

Rose Quartz Medium 6mm - Knotted - $ 88.  
Rose Quartz Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 108.  

Honey Jasper Mala3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus Mala

Honey Jasper is a soft, gentle stone, that protects and balances the solar plexus. It helps keep safe your center of personal power. Great for travelers.

Honey Jasper Medium 6mm - Knotted - $ 76.00   
Honey Jasper Large 8mm - Knotted - $ 83.00   

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